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Professional Image Consultancy is more than ensuring you make a positive first impression. It's about giving you the tools to be confident and successful in all situations. Learn how to be your best today.


It is our mission to create your ideal image for success by improving our client’s overall image, whether it is their wardrobe, organizational habits, or etiquette skills. We will achieve this by providing the highest level of customer service. This includes assisting clients in clarify their objectives, establish a clear understanding of their needs, and creating and executing a plan to meet those objectives. It is our sincere hope to build the confidence of individuals through image improvement so they can succeed at achieving their goals.

Be Your Best

It’s happened to most of us at one point or another; you had a business deal, job interview, or even a date that you thought went well, but resulted in a negative response or no response at all. The cause could be the image you are impressing upon others. Ideal Image is a full service company which provides an assortment of services designed to improve your image. We feature a range of experience and expertise including personal shopping, wardrobe seminars, organizational skills, and situational consulting. But most importantly we offer a fun and pampered experience you are sure to enjoy while leaving you with lasting results!


Our commitment to our customers is:

  • Provide prompt attentive service.
  • Listen to our clients; your concerns are the only things that matter at this moment in time.
  • Ensure that we are clear about your objectives before proceeding with a plan.
  • Work with you to establish a plan by incorporating your ideas while asserting gentle advice.
  • Strive to exceed your expectations during all phases of the consultation, but especially during execution.
  • Keep abreast of the very latest fashion trends, and know how to translate those trends to meet your needs.
  • Provide additional advice post-consultation to ensure maintenance.

The Ideal Image Process